Keynote speaker Boris Farber

Boris Farber

Professor, PHD, D.Sc., Academician,
CEO of corporations: Farber’s Center for Academic Success, Inc.; Noigel, LLC.; TRIZ Biopharma International, LLC., TRIZ Universal Consulting. Inc.; QuaziVita International Corp, AMT, Inc. (New York).

There were two important events in his childhood. The first was a present Dr. Farber received from his parents for his 10th birthday, a collection of books and coins dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci. The second event occurred when his father, inventor, introduced him to TRIZ, to Genrich Saulovich Altshuller.

He has developed invention based on TRIZ for 55 years: developing self-adjusted and self-organized dynamical systems in many areas of his research starting in 1971 with Semiconductors, dynamic layered system, dynamic multiaxial vehicles, the world’s first group of self-adjusted dynamical mechanisms for Bioengineering, developed self-adjusted dynamical rheological elements based on magnetic liquid. He created a line of pioneer self-adjusted prosthetics, the first adaptive dynamic self-adjusting rational systems in bioengineering that are patented and commercially available in the rocket and space industry. Inventions have helped hundreds of thousands of patients in rehabilitation with spinal problems (including a new proprietary method of treating scoliosis), lower and upper limbs prosthetics and orthotics and improved their lifestyle.

In parallel, he created teams of scientists, trained his teams TRIZ and applyed this approach of self-adjusted and self-organized dynamical system for developing different aspects in the medical field, creating self-adjusted and self-organized dynamical drugs. These drugs are quasi-living, self-adjusted, self-organizing dynamic medicinal and diagnostic medicines, which represent a revolutionary jump from static medicines to first dynamic drugs in the World with variable structure and synergy.

Dr. Farber has authored more than nine books 1000 inventions and publications in the fields of bionics, biomechanics, biophysics, bio-controlled systems, synergetic, heuristics, artificial intelligence, TRIZ, medical instrumentation, artificial organs, prosthetics, orthopedics, immunology, nanotechnology, pharmacology, applied mathematics, programming, computer science, physics and pedagogy.

Dr. Farber was awarded “Honored Inventor of Russian Federation” 1993, was named a Professor and Scientist of the Years 2010-2019. He got Leonardo da Vinci and Gold “Nikola Tesla” Medal for his contributions to international development and promotion of his inventions.

Dr. Farber applied TRIZ and Anticipatory Failure Determination to further understand the discrepancies and blind spots of Leonardo da Vinci’s legacy. This is especially important now, when the world is preparing to celebrate on May 2nd 2019 the 500th anniversary of Da Vinci death.
He has made hundreds of presentations and publications at International Congresses in the USA, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Japan, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.