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TRIZ future conference aims globally to spread TRIZ knowledge, tools and methods worldwide. It brings together industrials and academics to share experiences, works and progress on the subject of how to use and develop TRIZ.

 Triz Future Conference 2019 (TFC’19) will be hosted by ENSA Marrakesh, Cadi Ayyad university

Under the theme

New opportunities for innovation breakthroughs for developing countries and emerging economies

October 09-11, 2019, Marrakesh, Morocco

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It’s our pleasure to invite you to participate to TFC’19

Keynote Speakers 

Isak Bukhman

TRIZ Master,
President and Consultant of TRIZ Solutions LLC (USA),
President of Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies.
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Victor Fey

TRIZ Master,
Principal of The TRIZ Group, LLC,
A former close associate of Genrikh Altshuller.
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Fopke Klok

Office Director at ITEA,
Chairman of the Scientific Technical Council of SURF,
Initiator of ICT-based innovation in higher education and research in The Netherlands,
Member of the “VVD partijcommissie Economie en Innovatie” in The Netherlands.
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Boris Farber

Professor, PHD, D.Sc., Academician,
CEO of corporations: Farber’s Center for Academic Success, Inc.; Noigel, LLC.;
TRIZ Biopharma International, LLC., TRIZ Universal Consulting. Inc.; QuaziVita International Corp, AMT, Inc.
(New York).
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